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May 30, 2003 - 2 Skinnee's @ 9:30 Club in DC

Who: Vic Thrill/Rocktopus/2 Skinnee J's
Where: 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Can we say off the hook??? I have seen just about every show the 2 Skinnee J's have done in this town, and not a one of them can even come close to that masterful concert. Let's review the first two bands though.

1. Vic Thrill: A word to the wise. If you see this name, RUN! Its electronic/rock/screaming/happy feet singer will have your ears bleeding before the end of the first song. All I can say is this band would have to be an extremely acquired taste. ANd will never be mine! He synthesizes his voice, he dances around on the stage like Steve Martin in some of his earlier comedy. I half expected to see him with an arrow through his head! Time signatures is obviously something he didn't learn when playing music. If you thought Stravinski's Rites of Spring was hard to follow, this guy is pretty close to that if he doesn't surpass it. So all in all. BAD

2. Rocktopus: VERY COOL! Very hard to classify this band. They're all over the dish with their music. Interesting looks, very distinct sound. About the only band I could even come close to relating it to, might be Cheap Trick. But definitely rocked. Great lyrics, entertaining band, and stage presence galore! IF you have a chance to see em, take it. You won't be sorry.

And now onto the GREAT part of the show! The Skinnees started showing parts of their new DVD that was filmed down at the Norva (Va Beach) in March. Then all the sudden the lights went down, and they took the stage. All were present and accounted for except the two rhyme masters Special J and J Guevara. And then you see them slowly take the stage in these AWESOME space suits and do a kick ass dance. Then they strip down to their clothes and get goin! From the time they took the stage, there was a 2 SOLID hour rock show! We had the best seats in the house up top, and I've never seen another show like it. If you've never experienced this band live, then you have not lived. Unfortunately, they are going to retire and stop touring. This band can get the crowd into a show like none other I've ever seen. It was awesome to watch the wave of fists in the air and the pogo'ing. The tickets for the show were $15 bucks. I would have gladly paid $40 JUST to see the skinnee's portion!! 2 solid hours of clever rhyme schemes and much skinnee j love! DC is one of their favorite venues to play, and you can see it! The fans here love them. And the best was at the end, The Skinnees started grabbing everyone up on stage, after they finished up with BBQ, I swear there had to be like 100 ppl on that stage Pogoing and that NEVER happens at the 9:30 Club! LOL! It was just awesome!

So if you have a chance to catch them at the following venue's, DO IT! You will NOT be sorry!

June 7: Irvington, NJ@ Cricket Club
June 6: Beach Haven, NJ @ The Ketch
July 4: Ortley Beach, NJ @ Joey HArrison's Surf Club

And on July 18th, catch the final (718) Farewell Concert Extravaganza at BB Kings in NYC

You can hit up the website for that show. All other shows, you'll have to check the venue for tix.

Check out or

Anyway, fricking great show and the Skinnee's will definitely be missed in DC!!

Lurkingly yours,
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