Kysrinaria (kysrinaria) wrote in riotnrrrds,

2 Skinnee's back out on a quick East Coast Tour

I thought I'd join and let everyone know, who doesn't, that our favorite boys are back in action for a very short East Coast Tour. One of the dates is already sold out up in NYC.

Aug 5: House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ
Aug 6: 930 Club in DC (so going to this)
Aug 7: Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC
Aug 8: The Norva, VA Beach (for Keninem and Magician 300!)
Aug 9: The Fillmore at Irving Plaza NYC (SOLD OUT)
Aug 10: The Fillmore at Irving Plaza NYC (still tix available)

And for all of you Myspace'ers out there.
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Gonna be a great set of shows. The NYC boat cruise back in '05 is still firmly etched in my memory, such an amazing time.
I'll be at the Lincoln! Funny, last time I saw them was at the same place.
magician and I already have our tickets ready! :D

I can't WAIT for the 930 show!